Comprehensive Database of Medical Imaging Equipment Now Available

IMV Medical Information, part of Science and Medicine Group, announced the release of the latest edition of the IMV Medical imaging MasterFile containing information on more than 85,000 pieces of equipment installed at more than 12,000 imaging facilities in the U.S.

The product is designed to help imaging vendors find customers, verify the data their sales team are providing, and locate weak points in the competition. The IMV Medical imaging MasterFile is the most comprehensive database of the installed base of medical imaging equipment in the U.S. The ongoing survey of imaging facilities across the country continuously updates data on more than 84,000 imaging instruments, including manufacturer, model, number installed, year installed, and department location. It covers every major modality, including Breast Imaging/Mammography, Fixed and Portable C-arms (Cath, IR/Angio, Hybrid, OR), CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiographic Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, and X-Ray.

Key demographics such as address, population served, budget, and key points of contact are also included. The information provided by radiologists and facility managers at U.S. imaging sites is continuously gathered by phone and an online reporting system. Newly added this year is the ability to search based on planned purchases in 2020 providing hundreds of actionable leads.

“This enhanced database provides our clients with opportunities to target imaging departments with old or outdated equipment and helps pinpoint where the competition is strong or vulnerable,” said Jonathan West, VP, Clinical Business Development. “Our database can be linked to sources of IDN data so that you can understand the resources of an entire IDN to supplement and verify information collected by your sales team.”

More information is available at: