5 Findings from Our Most Recent X-ray DR CR Market Outlook Report

IMV recently published our 2021 X-ray DR CR Market Outlook Report. The report can be found at: https://imvinfo.com/product/2021-x-ray-dr-cr-market-outlook-report/. Following were the findings made:
  • Radiology in Charge: As of this 2021 survey, 87% of the general x-ray sites reported that radiology owns or manages mobile/portable x-ray imaging units, including units located outside of radiology.
  • Digital Dominance: Over four fifths (92%) of the hospitals have mobile DR units and 21% have mobile CR units (960 sites). Almost three quarters (88%) of the mobile x-ray units owned/managed by radiology use DR technology and 12% use CR cassettes only. Compared to IMV’s 2010 study, the percent of mobile x-ray units with DR technology has increased from 8% to 88%. Concurrently, the percent of mobile x-ray units that use CR cassettes only has decreased from 84% to 12%.
  • Three Unites Average: Overall, the average number of mobile general x-ray units per site is 2.6 units. The average number per 400+ bed hospital is 7.4, and decreases by hospital bed size to 1.4 in <100 bed hospitals.
  • ERs, Surgery, ICU’s also X-Ray Users: The top four departments where the mobile/portable x-ray units are being used outside of the main radiology department (that are owned or managed by radiology) are the emergency room (69%), inpatient/med-surg floors (57%), surgery/OR (48%), and intensive care/ICU (41%).
  • Mobile Use Grows: An estimated total of 66.4 million procedures were performed in 2020 on mobile x-ray units in 4,570 hospitals.

More Information can be obtained in IMV’s full report on the topic — X-Ray Market Outlook.