Diagnostic imaging modalities have become essential tools in the diagnosis and management of patient conditions throughout the world.  However, local economic conditions and healthcare policies continue to influence the relative adoption of imaging modalities in the different global markets. To monitor and compare how the imaging modalities are being adopted on a worldwide basis, IMV’s […]

2019, the number of cancer patients being treated with radiation therapy in the United States is estimated to be 1,148,900, according to IMV’s newly published 2019 Radiation Therapy Market Summary Report.  The use of radiation therapy to treat cancer patients is relatively stable, with the estimated number of patient cases increasing at an average annual […]

IMV just completed its second year of asking radiologists, technicians, administrators, and others involved in the use and purchasing of diagnostic imaging equipment and have published the results in Benchmarking For 2020 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Customer Experience. We’ve studied 12 different manufacturers to better understand how they are delivering on their customer experience, and what […]