IMV Congratulates Hitachi Healthcare Americas for their Outstanding Service in Imaging

ARLINGTON, Va., November 25, 2018 — Today IMV, part of the Science and Medicine Group, the leading market research and business intelligence provider to the diagnostic imaging industry, announced the category winners for the 2017-18 IMV ServiceTrak™ awards in diagnostic imaging equipment. Hitachi Healthcare Americas was recognized for Best Service in MR Imaging

About Hitachi Healthcare Americas

Delivering best in class medical imaging technologies for healthcare providers, Hitachi’s MRI, CT and Ultrasound and Agfa HealthCare’s DR provide speed, comfort and quality for both physicians and patients, playing an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease while driving social innovation into healthcare. Hitachi’s VidiStar image and reporting solution enables healthcare professionals to create value-based reports leveraging a cloud-based image management and analytics platform for improved communication across healthcare organizations. Our patient centric approach and customer first philosophy compels us to make customer support one of the most important things we do. Innovating Healthcare, Embracing the Future

About the Awards

Diagnostic imaging is critical to the management of patients and diagnosis of disease throughout the world.  These tests rely on a wide variety of equipment used to visualize the human body and identify disease.  Imaging equipment is used to diagnose anything from a broken bone to occurrence and re-occurrence of cancer.

Understanding what influences user satisfaction with the equipment itself, equipment service and equipment manufacturers is key to insuring that these tests are performed in a timely manner on accurate and reliable equipment.

IMV produces an annual series of proprietary ServiceTrak™ Diagnostic Imaging reports derived from extensive phone interviews with diagnostic imaging professionals in hospitals and independent radiology centers in the U.S.  These reports present an independent analysis of service trends in diagnostic imaging and include manufacturer ratings for each imaging modality.  Diagnostic imaging professionals are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the equipment manufacturers, the system performance and the service received for their imaging equipment.  Satisfaction ratings are collected on a 10-point scale, where 10 = “excellent” and 1 = “very poor”.  Report analysis is based on the percentage of highly satisfied (%HS) responses which are represented by satisfaction ratings of a 9 or 10 on this scale.

The ServiceTrak™ Diagnostic Imaging awards are presented to the manufacturer with the highest percent highly satisfied (%HS) in each of three categories, representing the industry BEST OF:  Customer Satisfaction, System Performance and Service.  The BEST OF Customer Satisfaction award is given to the manufacturer who has the highest %HS responses when respondents are asked to rate the likelihood they will purchase again from their current manufacturer.  The BEST OF System Satisfaction award is given to the manufacturer whose customer have the highest %HS responses when asked to rate their overall system performance.  The BEST OF Service award is given to the manufacturer whose customers give the highest %HS responses when asked to rate overall OEM service performance.

The 2018 ServiceTrak™ Diagnostic Imaging awards are based on interviews conducted in 2017 and 2018 with respondents in 2,739 diagnostic imaging locations having 6,183 scanners.


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