An estimated 73.0 million CT procedures were performed in 2020 on fixed CT scanners used by radiology/imaging departments in U.S. hospitals, their associated outpatient locations, and independent imaging centers, according to IMV Medical Information Division’s newly published 2020 CT Market Outlook Report. Compared to 91.4 million reported by IMV in 2019, total CT procedures decreased […]

Radiation therapy patient volume has remained relatively stable throughout 2020, bucking a trend seen in diagnostic radiology, in which the COVID-19 pandemic has led to major drops in imaging exam volume, according to IMV’s new report on radiation oncology. For 2020, an estimated 1,062,600 cancer patients will be treated with radiation therapy in the United […]

As mentioned in our June 2nd blog highlighting some results from IMV’s newly published 2020 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Service Outlook Report, the types of support services hospitals typically have in their current service contracts are the classic “break-and-fix” and preventive maintenance (PM) services, including “PM visits during routine working hours,” “technical support by telephone,” “contracted […]

COVID-19 Imaging Facility Tracker

IMV has been conducting its COVID-19 Imaging Facilities Tracking Study since April 10, 2020 on a biweekly basis, surveying imaging professionals in the United States and Europe about the impact of COVID-19 on their procedure volume, imaging budgets, and department operations. The Wave 2 data collection was completed on May 7th, and maps of the […]