As Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in radiology increases the top ranked use cases focus on clinical benefits

Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diagnostic imaging has focused on use cases that enhance clinical benefits and optime workflows in the radiology department according to IMV’s recently published report, The 2023 Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Imaging Landscape

As of 2023, there are AI applications for all major medical diagnostic imaging modalities. The clinical applications of AI in radiology focus on supporting radiologists in clinical decision making with a focus on the areas of emergency medicine, stroke, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Workflow applications of AI in imaging, focus on image processing, radiologist reading workflow, patient scheduling and communication. Combined, the clinical and workflow benefits brought about by the adoption of AI applications by radiology departments are expected to positively impact radiologist burnout. 

Looking at department ratings across X-ray, CT, MRI, mammography and ultrasound departments spanning from 2021 through 2023, reveals that larger 400+ bed hospitals are consistently more likely to be early adopters of AI technology than other site types. Across all modalities, the 400+ bed hospitals had ratings of 3.3/5, compared to other facility types with ratings of 2.6 to 3/5. 

Facility Type Early Adopter Rating (1-5) 
Over 400 bed hospitals 3.3 
All other facility types 2.6 

Regarding AI use case prioritization, analyzing data gathered across X-ray, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI and ultrasound modalities from 2021 through 2023, indicates the top two AI use cases are “AI/Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to improve image quality output”, with 51% of respondents ranking #1 or #2 and “AI/ML capabilities to improve radiology’s ability to more precisely diagnose patient conditions and enhance personalized medicine” with 48% of respondents ranking #1 or #2 out of 5 available options. 

The clinical and workflow benefits of incorporating AI into radiology are starting to positively impact patient care and radiologist burnout. This is an exciting area to watch for future advances and developments. 

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Davin Korstjens is a Senior Market Research Program Manager at IMV Medical Information Division, part of Science and Medicine Group. 

The 2023 Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Imaging Landscape report explores market trends related to service contracts for diagnostic imaging equipment in U.S. hospitals. The report was published in October 2023 and summarizes AI clinical and business developments in 2023 as well as primary data analysis of responses from 959 radiology and biomedical managers and administrators who participated in IMV’s nationwide surveys form 2021-2023 covering X-ray, nuclear medicine, CT, MR mammography and ultrasound modalities. Over 130 vendors are covered in this report including GEHC, Philips and Siemens.   

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