MR departments seek to leverage AI to improve workflow, productivity

In 2023, the top two overall priorities for MR departments are to increase patient satisfaction with their MR imaging experience and improve MRI department workflow and productivity, according to IMV’s recently published 2023 MR Market Outlook Report.  

While a top priority across all hospital types, improving MRI department workflow and productivity is the number one priority for hospitals with 200 beds or more. One strategy hospitals are using to achieve this goal is to leverage AI and machine learning software. According to the survey, overall, 20% of sites are currently using AI/machine-learning tools to improve staff and department efficiency. Broken out by hospital size, this percentage increases to 23% for hospitals with 200 to 399 beds and 34% for hospitals with 400 beds or more, while sitting at a more modest 14% among hospitals with less than 200 beds. These data indicate that MRI departments in larger hospital sites are in a better position to realize gains in workflow and productivity, compared with those in smaller hospitals. 

Looking at procedure volumes, in 2023, overall there was an estimated 2.9% increase in MR procedures performed compared to 2022. Broken out by site type, hospital-based fixed MR procedures have increased 7.2%, while non-hospital based MR procedures have decreased by 1.2% year over year. 

Site Type MRI Procedure Volume Change Year-over-Year 
Overall 2.9% 
Hospital (fixed) 7.2% 
Non-Hospital -1.2% 

In 2023, 30% of MR sites are planning to purchase an MR scanner from 2023 through 2026. Survey respondents listed the following manufacturers being considered for these purchases: Siemens Healthineers (53%), GE HealthCare (50%), Philips (30%), Canon Medical Systems (14%), Fujifilm Medical Systems (11%), and United Imaging Healthcare (8%). 

Regarding MRI site operations, in 2023 on average hospital sites with fixed systems are open 12.6 hours per weekday per site and 12.5 hours in total over the weekend. Hospitals using mobile MRI systems are open for an average of 6.1 hours per weekday per site and 3.7 hours over the weekend. 

 Average Hours Open per Weekday per Site Average Hours Open per Weekend per Site 
Hospitals with Fixed MR 12.6 12.5 
Hospitals with Mobile MR 6.1 3.7 

With increased procedure volumes in hospital sites, the impetus to improve MRI department workflow and productivity, and the higher adoption rates of AI tools among larger hospital sites, workflow and efficiency results hospitals may be able to achieve will be interesting to monitor. 

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Davin Korstjens is a Senior Market Research Program Manager at IMV Medical Information Division, part of Science and Medicine Group. 

IMV’s 2023 MR Market Outlook Report explores market trends related to service contracts for diagnostic imaging equipment in U.S. hospitals. The report was published in November 2023 and is based on responses from 302 radiology administrators and technicians who participated in IMV’s nationwide survey from July 2023 – August 2023. Vendors covered in this report include Bayer, Bracco, Canon, Fujifilm, GE Healthcare, Guerbet, Lantheus, Philips, Samsung, Siemens and United Imaging.   

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