An estimated 73.0 million CT procedures were performed in 2020 on fixed CT scanners used by radiology/imaging departments in U.S. hospitals, their associated outpatient locations, and independent imaging centers, according to IMV Medical Information Division’s newly published 2020 CT Market Outlook Report. Compared to 91.4 million reported by IMV in 2019, total CT procedures decreased […]

In today’s fast-paced and changing healthcare market, hospitals are closely scrutinizing their total cost of ownership for diagnostic imaging equipment. With ongoing pressure on their revenue sources, coverage for equipment maintenance, repair, and value-added services continue to be critical considerations in such budgetary decisions, according to IMV’s newly published 2020 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Service Outlook […]

For the first time ever, the number and proportion of CT procedures conducted with no contrast media in the United States exceeded those conducted with contrast media in 2019, according to IMV Medical Information Division’s 2019 CT Market Outlook Report. IMV estimates that 52% of the 91.4 million CT procedures conducted in the U.S. in […]